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Corset Waist Training



Waist Training (or Corset training) is a practice whereas one can gradually achieve realistic, non-harmful waist reduction or waist shaping by moderately lacing and wearing a corset on a regular basis. This is best achieved with proper diet and exercise, with an underbust corset style that covers the abdomen without going too far over the hips. Depending on how long or short one is in the torso, some recommended corset training styles are the T-144, VO-1870u, T-130, and T-174. If one is short in the torso, shorter corset styles would be recommended like the VO-4000u, T-119, T-158 and the VO-1915u. If one is longer in the torso, longer line corset styles would be recommended like the T-154 and T-124.

Waist training Corset T-144
Corset Training
Corset T-144
Corset Training corset VO-1870u
Corset Training Corset VO-1870u

Corset Training Corset T-130
Corset Training Corset T-174
Corset Training Corset T-174
Corset Training corset VO-4000u
Corset Training Corset VO-4000u
Tight lacing corset T-119
Corset Training Corset T-119
Tight lacing waist train corset
Corset Training Corset T-158
Corset Training Corset VO-1915u
Corset Training Corset VO-1915u
Corset Training Corset T-154
Corset Training Corset T-154
Corset Waist Training Corset T-124
Corset Training Corset T-124


It is most helpful to provide us with your bust, waist, and hip measurements here.
This will ensure that you are getting a properly sized corset and will prevent the expense and inconvenience of a return-exchange in the future. Please submit your additional measurements in inches or centimeters. This is especially important if your bust, waist, and hips are not in proportion to one another, or if you need
assistance with affirming that you are ordering the correct size.  

To take your measurements in inches or centimeters, measure around the fullest part of your bust, the narrowest part of your waist (high waist directly under your rib cage) and around the top of your hip bones. You may also provide your under the bust measurement and your bra cup size. Make sure not to pull the measuring tape too tightly, and always measure 2 or 3 times for accuracy.

 1)  the fullest part of your bust (not bra size)
 2)  bra cup size
 3)  underbust measurement (not bra size)
 4)  the narrowest part of your waist ("high waist" at bottom of rib cage) 
 5)  around the top of your hip bones
 6)  around lower full hip (for longer style corsets only)

Waist training Corset Sizing, corset measurements


A made-to-measure corset is custom made to the wearer's sizing specifications, and is necessary when the wearer's measurements do not accommodate the "standard sized" corset. A custom corset can also help to ensure the best corset training results. Made-to-measure corsets are available in styles that begin with product codes "T" and "VO", and warrant a 25% custom fee. Upon receipt of your order, we will notify you if "made-to-measure" is necessary and will only proceed with your approval.

f your measurements require a "made-to-measure" corset, or you determine that you would like a corset custom made to your sizing, fabric, and style specifications, you are welcome to contact us for a quote prior to ordering.

:  Custom orders (whether standard sized or made-to-measure) require full payment up front. Exchanges and store credits cannot be issued on merchandise that has been made to customer specifications. Additionally, we cannot be held responsible for inaccurate measurements submitted by the customer. Therefore, please measure carefully.



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