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  Vollers Corset Company is one of the oldest established corset makers in the world. Vollers continues to produce traditionally made, steel boned corsets, renowned for their high quality and authenticity since 1899. Vollers beautiful authentic designs are based on original historical patterns reminiscent of the 19th century. Each Vollers corset is individually crafted from start to finish in the Voller corset factory in Portsmouth England, using only the finest steel hardware, materials and fabrics available.

Vollers Corset range is among the most affordable high end corset lines in the world. Universal in its appeal, Vollers offers exquisite designs that cater to all tastes and markets including traditional, classic, elegant, bridal, fetish, gothic, and costume. Customers can choose from a variety of colors and textures, in exceptional fabrics of satin, brocade, chinese silk, velvet, leather, pvc, denim, glitter and many more. View Vollers Corset fabrics here.


Vollers Front laced corset VO-1140
Vollers Corset VO-1140

Vollers Corset
Vollers Corset VO-1141

Vollers Overbust Corset VO-1808
Vollers Corset VO-1808

Vollers Overbust Satin Corset VO-1808
Vollers Corset VO-1808

Voller Corsett
Vollers Corset VO-1141

Vollers corsette
Vollers Corset VO-1809

Vollers Corset
Corset VO-1809

Voller Corset
Corset VO-1808

Vollers Corset vo-1119
Vollers Corset VO-1119

Voller Corset vo-1905u
Vollers Corset VO-1905u

Vollers Brocade Corset vo-1106
Vollers Corset VO-1106

Vollers Brocade Corset VO-411u
Vollers Corset VO-411u

Vollers Corset v1905u

Voller Corset v1925u

Vollers Corset v1902u

Voller Corset v1905b

 Vollers Corset v1844u

 Voller Corset v1890u

Vollers Corset v176u

Voller Corset v411u

Vollers Corset v1904u

Voller Corset v1106

Voller Corset v1890u

Vollers Corset v4002u

Voller Corset v1900u

Vollers Corsets v1890

Voller Corset v1104

Vollers Corset v1108

Voller Corset v1106

Vollers Corset v1905

voller corset v173

vollers corset v1104

voller corset v1899

vollers corset v173 spoon busk

voller corset v173 spoon busk

vollers corset v1890

vollers corset v1118

voller corset v1101

vollers corset v1107

voller corset v1109

vollers corset v1110

voller corset v1111

vollers corset v1844u

vollers corset v1112

voller corset v1890u

vollers windsor brocade mini corset dress

vollers hobble corset dress v1116
vollers corset v411u chinese silk

leather corset #VO-003u

leather corset #VO-001u

vollers pvc corset v1905u

voller pvc corset v411u

vollers pvc cone corset v1960u

vollers corset v1890u in moire

vollers white stripe corset v1890

voller corset v1890u

vollers corset v1905u in flower

vollers corset v1904u flower

voller corset v173u spoon busk in moire

voller corset v4002u

vollers corset v4002 jade chinese silk

vollers corset v1906 black chinese silk

vollers corset v1905u gold glitter

voller corset v1905u purple sequinned

vollers corset v1904u glitter

voller corset v1905u silver glitter

vollers corset v1113 black sequin

vollers corset v1115 red devoire velvet

vollers corset v1105 black sequin w/ velvet

voller corset v1102 velvet

vollers corset v1114 tartan plaid

voller corset v1844u velvet

vollers corset v1905u denim

voller mini corset dress v2004u

vollers corset dress v2000u

vollers hobble corset dress


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